Our Mission

The Mesa County Jail Ministry is in a unique position to reach the inmate population on a daily basis. Because of Sheriff Matt Lewis we have been given access to the inmates seven days a week and for several hours each day. This is not common and we are very appreciative of what Sheriff Lewis has allowed us to have as far as time inside the jail.

Sheriff Lewis has also given the jail ministry his support in many other way, he has attended nearly every Annual Fundraising Banquet and spoken of the work inside the jail that the Chaplain, now Chaplains, and the volunteers do every day. Sheriff Lewis is a BIG reason we are so successful with the work we do simply by giving us the time to reach the inmates.

Our mission is to share the Love that Christ has shown us as fellow believers. We set up and run basic Bible studies, share the simple Gospel message with the inmates as well as have one on one sessions with many of the men and women. We also have Church Services on each Pod every Sunday and share a message of hope and redemption with the inmates.


Fun Times:

We take time each day to share the Joy that Christ brings to us with the inmates. Here is an example:

Pastor Dave Crowley is photo bombing former inmate Rick Justin Sill and his girlfriend during the 2019 Banquet. Rick was one of our featured speaker this year. His testimony is amazing and he has changed his life fully.


The Mesa County Jail Ministry has a Vision of establishing a Transitional Community in Mesa County. This will not happen over night and it will not just be the Mesa County Jail Ministry working to accomplish this. We pray that other organizations will see the need and get the vision to help build a transitional community for the inmates being released from Jail and Prison.

So many of the inmates getting out of prison and jail find it next to impossible to find affordable and good housing simply because they have the word Felon after their name. We hope to one day have a community of tiny houses set up like a regular neighborhood with paved streets and a community center for gatherings for the men and women needing assistance re entering society after being incarcerated. If your interested in how you can help or want to donate for this please contact Chaplain Doug Winter at the Mesa County Jail Ministry 970-712-2468, or by email at mesacountyjailministry@gmail.com