We are in need of volunteers to help out inside the jail and many more are needed to help outside the jail with our new CommCor program.

Inside volunteers: Some of the things you will need to know BEFORE applying are the days and times available for training as well as the days and hours open to reach the inmates inside the jail.

You will be registered and required to complete an Online training program called PREA, before you are allowed inside the jail to start your volunteer training. This requires you to have access to a computer and will take anywhere form 8-12 hours of your time.

Once your application is approved and PREA is completed the volunteer training will take place Monday thru Friday between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Training will take about 4-6 hours inside the jail. The Chaplain will work with you to schedule a day that works with your available time as best he can.

Once you finish your training you will be paired with another volunteer to shadow them while they teach a class. This will be the final part of your training. Once this is completed and the Chaplain is satisfied your ready to start on your own you will then work with him to schedule your class time.

Volunteer with the Sheriff's office. You can download an application by clicking here  

Volunteer inside the jail: hours are 830am -1030am and again 830pm -1030pm Sunday thru Saturdays.

Outside CommCor Volunteers: Please contact Chaplain Doug Winter at 244-3351 for more information. Please leave a message if you do not get an answer.

CommCor program is set up to work as a mentor/Support Person for inmates currently incarcerated inside the Community Corrections Program. These men and women will have varying times they are available to go out on passes. As a volunteer you will need to be available to work with these inmates when they have their passes outside the facility. Our goal is Pro Social activities like Bowling, Movies, Tennis, going to the Gym, going to Church, Skiing anything that will help you and the inmate to connect on both a social and spiritual level. If you are interested in volunteering please call. We will need many people for this program as there are not set days and hours the inmates are available to be take out of the facility. We will be working closely with their case managers to pair up inmates and volunteers with people that have similar interest and age appropriate as well.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Mesa County Jail Ministry and the CommCor programs. May God Bless you in your service to Him.