With the new year well underway we are looking towards our fundraising banquet on Feb. 23rd.  Please get your tickets now as we hope to sell out this year.  I wanted to take time to ask for prayers for a few things:  Paul Von Guerard's sister has some medical issues she is dealing with and Paul will be traveling back to help her soon.  Please pray for Paul's sister as well as for safe travels and that the Doctors can help her.  Please pray for my mother who is presently in the hospital with an infection.  I will ask for personal prayers for myself (chaplain Doug Winter) with both my continued back troubles and pain but more so now for my right knee that needs to be replaced soon.  I am overweight and need to lose another 50 lbs before the Doctor will be able to perform surgery so also for the ability and drive to lose the weight.  

     I also ask for continued prayers for the inmates housed in the jail as well as the officers who protect them.  This past year we saw a large increase in the population at the jail and with that comes more issues.  Tension and stress levels go up when the population goes up.  The volunteers are still doing an amazing job as well so please pray they can continue to stay healthy and come into the jail.  Its hard to find time in your life to serve in a jail, but the volunteers we have at the Jail ministry are some of the most amazing people I know.  They bring in a presence with them, Christ is spoken of and shown through all the volunteers.  


We are asking for everyone who visits this page to be in prayer for this ministry.  We will add specific prayer request from officers, inmates and family members to this page as they come in.  We also as that you be in prayer for the support of this ministry, for our Chaplain and for ALL the dedicated Volunteers that serve in this ministry.   Our needs are little our responsibility great.


     Chaplain Winter has been very busy visiting many local area churches.  With each visit he presents the Jail ministry and lets the congregations members know just how they can help.  We covet your prayer, and could use them daily.  If you can will you pray for us daily.  We are in a spiritual Battle daily both within and outside the jail.  Many of the inmates that come into the jail are addicted to various drugs and alcohol.  Please pray they can find Christ and His redemptive ability to overcome those addictions.  

     During detox from drug many inmates act in ways that are not their normal self.  They may lash out or yell at officers, see things that are not there and suffer from all sorts of headaches, nausea and body aches.   The jail itself offers a liquid with vitamins and helps to keep the inmates hydrated but for the most part the struggle cold turkey with withdrawls.  Please pray for those struggling from withdrawal from addiction issues. We cannot begin reaching them with the word of Christ until they are free of the withdrawal symptoms.  

     Finally, I want to personally say thank you to everyone that supports this ministry in Prayer, funding, donations of books and cards or any other form.  We want you to know we appreciate all that you do to help not only the inmates but the deputies and Chaplain and volunteers as well.  


Chaplain Doug Winter has been struggling quite a bit with his back pain as well as some heart issues.  We ask that you keep him in your daily prayers.  He works both with the inmates and volunteers as well as with the Sheriffs Deputies.  Chaplain Winter spends many hours working in the community with local pastors and former inmates helping to build relationships with the local churches of the valley.  He is available to come to your church to present the ministry and our goals and specific ministry needs.  If you would like to have Chaplain Doug Winter come to your church to talk about the Jail Ministry please contact him at 970-712-2568.  He will schedule a time to visit with your church leadership as well as with the congregation. 

The past two and a half years have gone by quickly as we develop our ministry and bring on more volunteers we ask that you also be in prayer for guidance and direction for this ministry.  Our goal is to reach the men and women incarcerated in the Mesa County jail with the word of Christ, and also to develop person relationships with the deputies and staff of the Sheriffs Office.  We covet your prayers.  


From time to time I, Chaplain Winter, get request from the inmates for prayers.  I cannot post the specific prayer request from the inmates due to confidentiality.  Below you will find some of the most common prayer request from the inmates housed at the jail.  If you would take time to stop and pray for these request it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank You.

Please be in prayer for ALL the up coming court cases that are being held.  We ask that you pray for God's will to be done in each of the cases and that the inmate accept this and moves forward.  

Please be in prayer for the re-unification of the families that have been separated by incarceration.  It often has a very negative effect on the family dynamics and can cause even more pain and suffering in an already unstable family.  

Please be in prayer for the health of the inmates, with the flu still going around we want to make sure that ALL the inmates stay healthy. 

Be in prayer specifically for the volunteers that take time out of their day to come and serve those incarcerated.  The volunteer face many adverse conditions spiritually and are often bombarded by attacks from satan.  Please keep them bathed in prayer continually.

Finally I ask that you pray specifically for me, Chaplain Doug Winter, this is a ministry that I love serving in, but it also takes a toll on me emotionally, spiritually and at times physically.  I ask that God protect me from harm in any way, especially spiritually.  I struggle daily with chronic back pain as well as other physical issues, but by the grace of God I continue to serve a wonderful God.  My health as of late is getting better with each day.  Spiritually this is the most challenging position I have ever faced.  Constant battles with satan each day.  Emotionally its draining, because you want to help these men and women make positive changes in their lives, and at times its difficult to reach those that need it most.

Thank you ALL for your continued prayerful support of this ministry.